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About Our Company

With business moving at a lightning speed and opportunities presenting itself across industries, you need a strategic partner with an eye on what’s next and what’s moving the business world. Success in today's fast-moving economy means partnership, connecting with the right people, tracking the right opportunities and making the right deals; and that where CINTONA comes in. At CINTONA we specialize in corporate relationship with a focus on B2B business development and consulting within a network of key business leaders. Our products and services are designed to bring together business leaders from across sectors on a single platform where business is communicated, the opportunity is presented, deals and decisions are made and projects are initiated.

Our ability to utilize actual case studies, business research and strategic analysis to develop new business opportunities is what sets us apart from our competitors. Based in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, CINTONA LTD serves a growing network of businesses across the globe. Since our inception, CINTONA has always focused on providing unique B2B business solutions to help our clients stay ahead of the competition and on top of their industry. Today we maintain a growing network of certified partners and corporate decision makers. We are proud of our services and the standard we set; this is the result of the added value we build into what we do a CINTONA.


Tanja Hardt

Japanologist and former fashion entrepreneur, has a focus in Asian business and joined the event industry 2008 as production manager. As director and general manager of several business event companies Tanja developed highly innovative formats that link conferences with executive networking and actual business opportunities. She has a focus on new markets and co-founded Cintelligence to offer research, analytics and more substance with regard to actual business development compared to event companies. For Cintona Tanja has been developing a wider range of network-based consulting services to foster business for network members.

Sven Hardt

German entrepreneur and business networking and communications veteran, started his career 1997 as publishing director in business media. He built up a group of premium b2b communications companies in Germany, Spain, UK and the USA. Sven has been constantly refining classical communication and event formats into platforms for actual business development. His focus is on decision makers networking based on research and actual projects to enable business as well as on structuring business information in convenient ways. To achieve these goals he has been developing matchmaking tools, structured online communities and other formats. Sven co-founded Cintona to focus more on business development and consulting within a network of leaders.