Swiss Leaders Dialog Big Data Strategies, 25th-26th January 2017

Swiss Business Leaders, Solution Providers and Scientists Discuss Big Data Potentials, Business Models and Use Cases.

Exponentially increasing internal and external data form the new factor of production. New Big Data technologies enable the analysis of giant amounts of data and the optimization of processes in realtime which leads to new business models and services. There is a big gap between technological possibilities and real business in the field of data analysis and realtime process optimization. Business leaders in many companies are aware of this gap and begin to explore the potentials of Big Data to improve performance and react quicker to market changes. In fact Big Data technologies will change economic systems fundamentally. Companies adapting Big Data intelligently will accelerate processes, decision making and time-to-market. These companies will have huge advantages in competition. Already today studies and use cases show there is a quick RoI in Big Data projects.

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New database systems, linguistic analytics and virtualisation tools demand for faster IT systems, even more network bandwith and giant storage. Cloud will be key since distributed and connected data centers analyse the biggest amount of data in realtime and distribute it to whatsoever device. This cloud focus demands for the highest IT security and IT compliance standards.Big Data market development is also an indicator for the relevance. Global turnover will rise from 10 bln. (2013) to 50 bln. Dollar (predicted for 2017). 45% of European companies started Big Data projects. 75% of German companies explore potential applications. Managers know instinctively there is more business potential in existing data, but ideas and strategies to make commercial use out of this treasure are still missing in many departments – this however is a brilliant prerequisite for two days of managed networking between decision makers from companies buying or selling big data solutions. Key value-ads of Big Data:
  • Realtime company becomes a reality. All players in all departments have realtime access to the same and comprehensive information.
  • Detailed realtime performance data enables extended simulations and a quicker time-to-market.
  • Customer segments can be easily identified and addressed in a better way within the data jungle.
  • Intelligent analysis and editing of huge data volumes in realtime enables better and faster support for all decision-making.
  • New business models, products and services
Some examples how business departments benefit from Big Data:
  • Marketing and sales can adapt their offerings much better to customer segements or individual customers automatically.
  • Production departments optimise their processes with IoT and M2M solutions. Sensors collect data alongside the supply and production chain as well as in operations. Manufatcuring companies connect all players involved in production and integrate suppliers and business partners.
  • Highly complex calculations based on Big Data improve processes in finance departments like controlling or reporting.
  • R&D analyses sensor data from sold products or customer feedbacks given in social media platforms.

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Cintelligence was founded by leading experts for networking and business development events.

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  • The results of this matchmaking will be documented prior to the event in our online platform, i.e. you’ll see how other members can help you with your challenges or how you can help them.
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According to our experiences self service systems do not work properly for high level business networking since decision makers simply don’t have the time and focus outside their core business. This is why we proactively help our customers to find their meeting partners. Our system guarantees maximum networking results in the most efficient way for decision makers.


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Day 1
8:00Visitor Registration
10:25Coffee Break
10:40Networking Session 1
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
11:10Networking Session 2
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11:40Networking Session 3
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12.10Networking Session 4
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12:40Lunch with Networking
14:50Networking Session 5
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15:20Networking Session 6
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15:50Networking Session 7
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16:20Networking Session 8
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• Leaders Circle
16:50Networking Session 9
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
18:30Networking Session 10
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
20:00Networking Dinner Lounge with Live Music - Chill Out After an Exciting Day
Day 2
9:40Networking Session 11
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
10:10Networking Session 12
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11:40Coffee Break
11.00Networking Session 13
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11:30Networking Session 14
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12:00Networking Session 15
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12:30Lunch with Networking
14:40Networking Session 16
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15:10Networking Session 17
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
16:15Wrap-up and Closing Ceremony


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