Swiss Leaders Dialog Big Data Strategies, 20th-21st March 2018

Big Data and Advanced Analytics in a strategic business perspective. For the third time Swiss corporate decision makers meet at the country's leading digitization summit. Join in and discuss business models, trends and technologies in one-on-one and group meetings with peers and consultants. Be inspired by Switzerland's most exciting use cases. Two days of intensive networking and compressed knowledge transfer.


Swiss Business Leaders, Solution Providers and Scientists Discuss Big Data Potentials, Business Models and Use Cases. Exponentially increasing internal and external data form the new factor of production. New Big Data technologies enable the analysis of giant amounts of data and the optimization of processes in realtime which leads to new business models and services. There is a big gap between technological possibilities and real business in the field of data analysis and realtime process optimization. Business leaders in many companies are aware of this gap and begin to explore the potentials of Big Data to improve performance and react quicker to market changes.

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Thomas Bodé
Director Corporate BI
Daniel Swarovski Corporation AG

The Challenge to Create a Data Organization

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Matthias Trabandt
COO & Member of the Executive Board
Swiss Life Deutschland Holding

How to Make an Established Corporation Agile

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Prof. Dr. Reinhard Riedl
Research Head
Department of Economy
Bern University of Applied Sciences

A National Data Strategy for Switzerland

Bernhard Brodbeck
WinJi AG

A New Green Energy Business Model Based on Big Data

Ina Vogelgesang
Director Product Management & Member of the Executive Board
Schaerer AG

Digital Transformation at Schaerer

Daniel Rolle
Head of Business Intelligence
C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH

Prescriptive Analytics Use Cases

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Prof. Dr. Abraham Bernstein
Chair Department of Informatics
University of Zürich

Big Data and Machine Learning - Current Scientific Trends

Agnieszka Martin
Lead Processes and Tools Global CIT
Novartis AG

Bridging the Gap Between Agile IT Innovation and Diligent Process Implementation

Prof. Dr. Amos Albert
CEO Deepfield Robotics
Bosch Gruppe

Building a Corporate Startup - An Insider's View

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Thomas Baumann
IT Performance Architect
Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Company AG

AI and Machine Learning at Mobiliar

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Dr. Anna P. Gawlikowska
Head of Digitalization Strategy
Implenia Schweiz AG

Developing Digital Business Models in The Construction Industry

Torsten Wongel
Head of CRM and Channel Management
Atupri Health Insurance

Big Data and Digitization as a Mega Opportunity for Atrupi

Dr. Michel Neuhaus
Head of Analytics Enhanced Distribution

Business Analytics in the Banking Industry

Eric Dubuis
Comet AG

Organizational Measures to support Big Data Strategies

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20th March 2018
21st March 2018

Types Of Projects to be Discussed (Excerpt)


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