Swiss Leaders Dialog Big Data Strategies, 19th-20th January 2016

Swiss Business Leaders, Solution Providers and Scientists Discuss Big Data Potentials, Business Models and Use Cases.

Exponentially increasing internal and external data form the new factor of production. New Big Data technologies enable the analysis of giant amounts of data and the optimization of processes in realtime which leads to new business models and services. There is a big gap between technological possibilities and real business in the field of data analysis and realtime process optimization. Business leaders in many companies are aware of this gap and begin to explore the potentials of Big Data to improve performance and react quicker to market changes. In fact Big Data technologies will change economic systems fundamentally. Companies adapting Big Data intelligently will accelerate processes, decision making and time-to-market. These companies will have huge advantages in competition. Already today studies and use cases show there is a quick RoI in Big Data projects.

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