Industry 4.0 Strategy Dialog, 30th-31st January 2018

Leading independent Industry 4.0 summit in Central Europe. By exchanging ideas and experiences in one-on-one and group meetings attending key players develop strategies for smart factories, intelligent supply chains, connected products and digital business models. Inspiring must-attend event for corporate promoters of Industry 4.0.


Industrial IoT/m2m Strategy Dialog Connects CTOs, Heads of Production, R&D, IT Managers, Scientists and Solution Providers to Discuss Ideas and Projects on the Road to Industrial IoT. n a smart factory all kind of people, machines and products communicate with each other. It is intelligentely connected with suppliers delivernig tagged components or carriers offering smart supply chains. The smart factory communicates with customers who bought its smart products with embedded sensors delivering data for product maintenance and improvement.

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This communication requires a common IT language. Industrial IoT merges manufacturing, automation, IT and Internet in the smartest ways to make production more efficient and customers more satisfied at the same time. The smart factory is agile, green and ergonomic. The connection between customers and production as well as among one and another machine organises development and value chains of products in a brand new way.
A completely smart factory and holitstic industrial internet of things should be a reality 10 years from now. But already today many projects mark the starting point on the way from semi-automated and automated to the fully digitalised factories. It’s not the big bang but a journey with many small steps. The Industrial IoT/m2m Strategy Dialog wants to accompany this journey and connects CTOs, Heads of production, R&D, IT managers, scientists and solution providers to discuss ideas and upcoming projects on the road to Industrial IoT.

In some industries like passenger cars or kitchen furniture customers ask for indvidualised products which puts manufacturers under cost pressure. Small batch sizes shouldn’t be more expensive than mass production. In cases like these we can already witness the beginnings of Industrial IoT and advanced m2m communication with tagged workpieces communicating with conveying systems and machines which set up autonomously.

A smart factory is based on a complete vertical integration of business processes, manufaturing processes and manufacturing data. Already today manufatcuring execution systems (MES) link machines with ERP. Usual interfaces like OPC, UA, OPC DA or OLE DB connect manufacturing devices to the MES. This is a very good base to plan the next steps.

Remote predictive maintancene in the machinery industry is also a good example for Industrial IoT and m2m communication already in place. Senors deliver data to predict when parts need to be replaced. In a smart factory the spare part will also be produced and shipped autonomously.

Industrial IoT changes how companies collaborate. It changes their products and services. It changes their customer relationships. As always with big changes there will be successful and failing startups and not all established players might still be on top tomorrow. Especially when combined with a disruptive technologies like 3D Printing or Big Data it is true game changer. In any case these technologies will lead to an even tougher competition and future business models for manufacturing companies will need to be even more focused on the specific wishes of individual customers.

Topics to be discussed:

  • 4.0 Strategy
  • Digital Business Models
  • Smart Factories
  • Technological requirements for a smart factory / Industrial IoT infrastructure
  • IoT Eco System
  • Connected Products
  • Roadmap to a smart factory
  • Organisational merger of IT and Engineering
  • 4.0 HR Requirements
  • Smart supply chains
  • Smart customer interaction
  • Smart product development
  • Benefits of virtual and augmented realities in smart factories
  • Smart machines

Dr. Johannes Thomas Grobe
Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing
Dürr Systems AG

Digitization for Higher Efficiency – Smart Plants for Connected Manufacturing

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Dr. Johannes T. Grobe is currently acting as Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing in the Division Paint and Final Assembly Systems at Dürr.

Previously he has been working in different functions at Bosch Rexroth, inter alia as a Vice President Sales Industry Sector Management, Key Account Management and Application Engineering for Industrial Manufacturing Equipment. Dr. Grobe has broad experiences in leading product and technology development and innovation projects as well as production and manufacturing processes. In last position he was employed as a Managing Director of Bosch Rexroth in India.

Dr. Johannes T. Grobe achieved his PhD Mechanical Engineering in Computer Science at the University Aachen (RWTH Aachen) in 1998.


Thorsten Robrecht
Vice President Advanced Mobile Network Solutions
Nokia Networks

IoT Use Cases: Connected Car and Smart Fabrics

Dr. Andrej Lorkovic
Head of National Product Management
Sick Vertriebs-GmbH

SICK's Industry 4.0 Experience Factory

Dr. Peter Mösle
Managing Director
Drees & Sommer Advanced Building Technologies GmbH

Building 4.0 for Industry 4.0

Ralf Neubert
Senior Director R&D
Schneider Electric

Business Transformation with IoT Technology Platforms

Martin Austermann
CPO/Board Member
Husqvarna AB

Industry 4.0 and the Future of Purchasing

Jens-Michael Ruppelt
Head of Information Technology
N3 Engine Overhaul Services GmbH & Co KG

Agility in a Highly Regulated Industry

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  • Between agility, fast pilots and early fail
  • Digitization in a highly regulated industry
  • New work and leadership: tust is the key factor


Matthias Schirrmacher
Project Lead Industry 4.0 / Digitalization Site Operations
Merck Group

Industry 4.0 und Digitization in Process Manufacturing

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Industry 4.0 und Digitization in Process Manufacturing

  • IoT eco systems
  • Condition monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance

Gerald Schinagl
Digital Innovation Manager

Digital Transformation Driven by the Organisation

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  • Organisation and management
  • Methods
  • Projects successfully done so far

Domonkos Gaspar
Head of Global Manufacturing Digitization
Autoneum Management AG

Current 4.0 Projects at Autoneum AG

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  • Digital twins
  • Robotization/li>
  • Organisational change

Ulrich Ermel
Director New Business Development

Industry 4.0 at a Big Logistics Hub

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  • Life cycle costing
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Live Demo

Friedhelm Hausmann
Project Head
Audi AG

Missing Semantics Kill Digitization: The Relevance of Consistent Data Architecture

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  • Big data analytics is not enough
  • Quality processes require unambiguous data
  • Using eCl@ss advanced for Industry 4.0
  • Design and successful operation

Matthias Kuom
Program Manager
German Aerospace Center (DLR)

The Federal Government PAiCE Program: Objectives, Projects, First Results

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  • PAiCE = Platforms, Additive Manufacturing, Imaging, Communication, Engineering
  • A technology competition as a promotional tool
  • Who qualified? Where’s the benefit?
  • Objectives, projects, first results, outlook

Thomas Pyschny
Managing Partner
Dolff, Pyschny & Piper AG

PLM Excellence in the Digital World: Strategies, Success Factors, New Business Models

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  • 10 business critical action fields of PLM
  • The PLM maturity model
  • Roadmap to PLM excellence
  • Digital twins
  • New business models

Dr. Christian John
Manager Process Excellence
WSW Wuppertal Municipal Utilities GmbH

Industry 4.0 and Process Excellence in Utility Companies

Dr. Carsten Stöcker
Decentral Technology & Business Integration Professional
innogy Innovation Hub
Founder Spherity GmbH

Blockhain Based Digital Twins

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Riedl
Scientific Head
Economic Department
Bern University of Applied Sciences

How to Position a Company in the Platform Economy

Attendees List (Excerpt)
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Day 1
8:00Visitor Registration
10:25Coffee Break
10:40Networking Session 1
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
11:10Networking Session 2
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
11:40Networking Session 3
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
12.10Networking Session 4
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
12:40Lunch with Networking
14:50Networking Session 5
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
15:20Networking Session 6
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
15:50Networking Session 7
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
16:20Networking Session 8
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
16:50Networking Session 9
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
18:30Networking Session 10
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
20:00Networking Dinner Lounge with Live Music - Chill Out After an Exciting Day
Day 2
9:40Networking Session 11
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
10:10Networking Session 12
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
11:40Coffee Break
11.00Networking Session 13
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
11:30Networking Session 14
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
12:00Networking Session 15
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
12:30Lunch with Networking
14:40Networking Session 16
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
15:10Networking Session 17
• Supplier Meetings
• One-on-one Leader Meetings
• Leaders Circle
16:15Wrap-up and Closing Ceremony

Types Of Projects to be Discussed (Excerpt)
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