Managed face-to-face networking within exclusive invitation-only networks of corporate leaders, innovative suppliers, business-relevant scientists and public sector key players is the core of our services.

We mainly organise networking

  • between corporate/public leaders and solution providers to discuss projects, get information or give feedback on R&D, learn about innovations or new solutions and develop business together. The neutral and closed-door character of the event as well as the preparation and time-structure managed by Cintelligence with no obligations for the dialog partners facilitates an open discussion.
  • between corporate/public leaders and corporate/public leaders to exchange best practices, strategies and ideas or to develop business. If you plan a project it is beneficial to discuss with people who realised similar projects to avoid their mistakes. It is a big value to get inspired by or inspire peers, especially from other industries. Our matchmaking service enables you to identify and select sparring partners and set up a meeting agenda beforehand.
  • between corporate leaders and public sector key players to discuss regulatory, legislative and political trends and projects.
  • between corporate leaders and relevant scientists to discuss scientific trends, joint projects and inspire each others.

The main networking platforms are Strategy Dialogs which are complemented by online communities. Both are by invitation-only and offer a wide range of easy-to-use matchmaking functionalities.

The founders of Cintelligence are veterans and leading experts in the field of international face-to-face business networking. With Cintelligence they offer a more efficient, more meaningful and more targeted networking than ever.