IoT/m2m Strategy Dialog, 1st-2nd February 2017

Industrial IoT/m2m Strategy Dialog Connects CTOs, Heads of Production, R&D, IT Managers, Scientists and Solution Providers to Discuss Ideas and Projects on the Road to Industrial IoT

In a smart factory all kind of people, machines and products communicate with each other. It is intelligentely connected with suppliers delivernig tagged components or carriers offering smart supply chains. The smart factory communicates with customers who bought its smart products with embedded sensors delivering data for product maintenance and improvement.

This communication requires a common IT language. Industrial IoT merges manufacturing, automation, IT and Internet in the smartest ways to make production more efficient and customers more satisfied at the same time. The smart factory is agile, green and ergonomic. The connection between customers and production as well as among one and another machine organises development and value chains of products in a brand new way.

A completely smart factory and holitstic industrial internet of things should be a reality 10 years from now. But already today many projects mark the starting point on the way from semi-automated and automated to the fully digitalised factories. It’s not the big bang but a journey with many small steps. The Industrial IoT/m2m Strategy Dialog wants to accompany this journey and connects CTOs, Heads of production, R&D, IT managers, scientists and solution providers to discuss ideas and upcoming projects on the road to Industrial IoT.

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